School Resource Officer - Armed

East Baton Rouge Parish School System Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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January 28, 2023
East Baton Rouge Parish School System
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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  • The School Resource Officer Program is a collaborative effort between the Parish School Boards and the Parish Sheriffs' Offices or Police Departments to maintain order on Louisiana school campuses. In the event of criminal activity on a school campus, the officer could intervene immediately and, in some cases, make a difference between life and death.
  • The School Resource Officer is a local law enforcement officer that is commissioned by the school district

The essential functions for the position of School Resource Officer include being able to provide law enforcement and police services to the school, school grounds and areas adjacent to the school.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The School Resource Officer typically spends 40% of their time in enforcement and security administration, 30% teaching character related education subjects, and 30% mentoring at-risk students. Responsibilities of a School Resource Officer include being able to:
  • Investigate allegations of criminal incidents per police department policies and procedures.
  • Enforce state and local laws and ordinances.
  • Make appropriate referrals to juvenile authorities or other governmental agencies.
  • Develop crime prevention programs and conduct security inspections to deter criminal or delinquent activities.
  • Monitor crime statistics and work with local patrol officers and students together to design crime prevention strategies
  • Assist school officials with their efforts to enforce Board Of Education policies and procedures.
  • Ensure school administrator safety by being present during school searches, which may involve weapons, controlled dangerous substances or in such cases that, the student's emotional state may present a risk to the administrator.
  • Assist school administrators in emergency crisis planning and building security matters.
  • Provide a course of training for school personnel in handling crisis situations, which may arise at the school.
  • Be visible within the school community.
  • Attend and participate in school functions.
  • Build working relationships with the school's staff as well as with student and parent groups.
  • Develop and implement classes in law related education to support the educational efforts of the faculty.
  • Work closely with teachers in designing and presenting law-related topics and the role of police in our society.
  • Work with guidance counselors and other student support staff to assist students and to provide services to students involved in situations where referrals to service agencies are necessary.
  • Assist in conflict resolution efforts.
  • Initiate interaction with students in the classroom and general areas of the school building.
  • Promote the profession of police officer and be a positive role model.
  • Increase the visibility and accessibility of police to the school community by serving as a community liaison.


    The essential functions for the School Resource Officer-Armed include the physical and mental involvement requirements noted in this position description in addition to regular reliable attendance given the limited number of employees available to perform the essential functions of this position. It is also essential that the School Resource Officer - Armed be able to follow the directives of superiors in ensuring the harmonious operation of the department.

    Education and Experience:
  • High School Diploma or GED required
  • Two years of full-time commissioned law enforcement service
  • The School Resource Officer is expected to be armed and maintain qualifications with the issued weapon /

    SRO Training to include:
  • Mental health crisis intervention
  • De-escalation skills to ensure student and officer safety and the ability to de-escalate incidents
  • Emergency drills for active assailant and hostage situations including bomb threats and natual diasters
  • The SRO is a local law enforcement officer that is commissioned by the school district
  • Must be a Basic, Level 1, P.O.S.T. Certified Peace Officer in good standing with their Parish Sheriff's Office or Police Department
  • Is a graduate of the Louisiana State Police Training Academy program and the Louisiana School Resources Officer Basic Training

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