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Denton County Denton, TX, TX
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November 23, 2022
Denton County
Denton, TX, TX
Full-Time Non-Exempt


Under general supervision, performs professional correction work supervising adults placed on probation by the courts. Work involves regularly meeting with probationers to ensure adherence to terms of probation, and maintaining records of probationers' activities and status. Employee is also responsible for determining level of supervision necessary for individual probationers, providing limited counseling and referring clients to probation assistance programs, and conferring with law enforcement and court personnel in matters pertaining to violation of probation by clients. Employee is subject to the usual potential hazards of contact with legally delinquent adults. Reports to a Supervisor - Adult Probation.

Meets with probationers in office or at probationers' residences according to established schedules, or more often as necessary, advising clients of provisions of probation agreements and ensuring adherence to agreements, and providing limited counseling and referring clients to community-based probation assistance programs, as necessary; meets with and/or contacts family members, employers or other references provided by clients to ensure clients' adherence to provisions of probation.

Maintains individual case files, recording all contacts and preparing reports of clients' status; obtains and records probationers' place of residence, family ties, employment, prior criminal convictions, etc., and amends files to reflect changes as appropriate; prepares documents to dismiss probation, as appropriate, and obtains judge's signatures.

Utilizes computer terminal connected to the Texas and National Crime Information Center and/or contacts appropriate law enforcement agencies by telephone to inquire about criminal history and/or current criminal charges against probationers; assesses risks of further legal violations by probationers, determines necessary level of supervision, and implements appropriate reporting schedule.

Utilizes computerized data entry equipment and various word processing and/or file maintenance programs to enter, store and/or retrieve case file information; summarizes information for standard reports, selecting data from varied sources.

Confers with district attorney's office, judges and/or law enforcement personnel about clients' violations of probation terms or other need to amend probation status, and amends probationers' files accordingly; confers with U.S. Immigration Service officials about deportation of probationers, as necessary; testifies in court as to probationers' status and adherence to reporting schedules and other terms of probation, as appropriate.

Confers with counselors or other professionals connected to agencies providing human services to probationers, and maintains knowledge of probationers' needs, status, progress, etc.

May install electronic monitoring equipment utilized to ensure probationers arrive at residences at appointed times, as appropriate.

Obtains urine samples from probationers for drug-use analysis.

May utilize knowledge of Spanish to assist individuals unable to communicate sufficiently in English.

Regular and punctual attendance is required.

Performs other related work as required.

ELIGIBILITY-To be eligible for employment as a Community Supervision Officer who supervises offenders a person:

1)     Must have acquired a Bachelor's degree conferred by an institution of higher education accredited by an accrediting organization recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board AND

2)     Unless the Bachelor's degree is in criminology, corrections, counseling, law, social work, psychology, sociology, or a related field that has been approved by the TDCJ-CJAD Director, the person must have

a) One year of graduate study in one of those fields; or

b) One year of experience in full-time casework, counseling, or community or group work that has been approved by the TDCJ-CJAD Director

3)     Cannot be employed as a Peace Officer AND

4)     Cannot be currently on community supervision or parole or serving a sentence for a criminal offense, CSCD directors may apply to the TDCJ-CJAD director, as specified in 163.5 of this title (relating to Waiver to Standards) for a waiver of paragraph (2) of this subsection. The request for waiver shall document what efforts were made to employ a community supervision officer meeting the requirements specified in the Texas Code of Criminal procedure and state why the efforts were unsuccessful. All community supervision officers employed by the CSCD director must comply with the code of ethics developed by the TDCJ-CJAD.

Please attach a cover letter, resume and transcript to your application.

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